Photo-Realistic Printing

Flexographic Print

Flexographic printing's photo-realistic quality is used in food, healthcare, household and beauty & personal care markets. The saturation build and consistency between colors delivers photo-realistic images on any substrate with Flexographic printing. The artwork moves with the package as it is engaged by the consumer.

ICONIC Printing

Iconic printing is proprietary to Berry primarily for food market customers who desire a photo-realistic look on their label to enhance their package. This hybrid type of Flexographic printing is designed to print onto 3-D containers and lids when utilizing the traditional four-color process (CMYK + 2 spot colors and varnish).

In-Mold Labeling

In-Mold Labeling offers a triple threat benefit…design, durability and distinction. The functional and aesthetic benefit caters to improved shelf appearance and label endurance for your package. A pre-printed, polypropylene label is placed into a mold cavity that is identical to the final package. When plastic resin fills the cavity, the label is permanently fused to the package therefore making a solutions on lids and containers across almost every market.

Pad Printing

Pad printing can deliver production level printing on almost any surface. Textured surfaces often require Pad printing in order to legibly deliver instructions and required messages on vials and syringes within healthcare for measuring and dosage indentation. Pad printing can also be seen on some beverage products.

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